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Ingredients for Filling:

1 Coconut grated

Cashew nuts chopped


Cardamoms for flavor

Sugar to taste


Ingredients for Pancake Batter

1 cup maida

1 egg

water or milk to mix

vanilla essence


Method (filling)

Cook the grated coconut with sugar wand water. Add plums, cashew nuts and cardamom powder.


Method (Batter)

Beat the egg. Mix the maida, egg, milk or water to a fairly thick pouring consistency.



Take a small non stick pan. Smear the pan with oil (using ½ onion on a fork). Put in a little batter. Swirl the pan so that the batter covers it.

Cook for a minute or so and then turn it over on a board. (Repeat the process till all the batter is used.)Put approx 1 tbsp f coconut filling and roll up the pancake, keeping the smooth side on the outside.

Easter Eggs



1/4 kg cashew nuts        1/4 kg almonds

1 kg. sugar to be ground and sifted fine,

Whites of 2 eggs beaten stiffly

1 wine glass rose water


Blanch the almonds and grind the almonds and cashew nuts to a fine paste with rose water.

Mix all the ingredients and simmer on a slow fire stirring constantly until wax like consistency in attained. Place the mixture on a large dish knead well when warm, adding rose water if the mixture is dry. Form into a mass. Colour portions of the mass with different food colours. Shape into eggs or use moulds. Decorate as desired with icing sugar or edible colours.


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