The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.




2 cups new rice

½ cup Kidney beans (Chowlees) soaked overnight

½ kg jaggery

juice of 2 coconuts (or milk)

powdered cardamom



Wash the rice and kidney beans and cook with 4 cups of water and a little salt. When nearly done add coconut juice and jaggery. For flavor, add powdered cardamom.




½ kg. rice flour                                      ½ coconut juice

100 gms. Maida                                    2 tsps. Yeast or toddy



Knead at night and start making in the morning.

Put the mixture in sanna thalie.

Boil water in a `thapeli’ and put the sanna thali on the thapeli with the kubudor to cover the vessel for steaming;

or put mixture in sanna form and steam in a cooker.




½ kg. thick wheat flour                        1 handful teel

100 gms. Jaggery



Boil 2 cups of water,

Add flour, let it cook for 3 minutes.

Poke the flour with a stick while it is cooking then stir 

Put in a thalie with jaggery and teel, knead the flour and roll  out thicker than chapatti.

Cut into rounds

Deep fry in oil.

Banana Fritter

BANANA Fritter


6 ripe bananas                                      1 cup of milk

2 eggs, (not beaten)                   sugar to taste

maida to form a thick batter



Mash up the bananas.

Stir in the milk and the eggs just broken. 

Sugar to taste and as much maida to make the mixture into a slightly thick batter.

Let the mixture stand for half an hour.

Warm 3 tbsps. Ghee in a frying pan.

Pour spoonful of batter for each fritter

Fry till brown.





1 Kg sweet potatoes

½ kg Jaggery

1 Cocunut (juice Extracted)

6-8 Cardamom

Pinch of Salt


Scrape off the skin from the potatoes. Cut them in rounds about 1/8th inch thick. Place them in a vessel, with thin coconut milk and a little salt. Cook till done. Add jaggery and thick coconut milk and continue cooking till the potatoes are soft. Add cruched cardamoms for flavour.

Pithiche Laroo




� Kg ratha rice (soak overnight)/or any thick rice

300 gms. Jaggery

6-8 cardamom



Soak the rice overnight. Drain rice and roast. Pound it into flour. Mix the flour with jaggery, rice, cardamom. Form into balls.


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