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Currant Wine



In a jar mix 2kgs. Sugar

1Kg. currants

120gms. Wheat grains

30 gm powdered yeast

6 bottles water.



Stir daily for 2 weeks, then strain.

Add 1 cup burnt sugar and keep for 2 weeks longer;

Strain again.

Bottle it up.

Beetroot Wine



Boil 1 kg. grated beetroot in 3 bottles of water.

Take off the fire, strain 

add 1 kg. sugar and 1 tbsp. dry yeast mixed in warm water.

Add the juice of  2 oranges and 2 lemons, a few cloves, some cinnamon and nutmeg and 1tbsp. dry ginger.


Keep in a jar for 14 days, strain and then bottle.

Ginger Wine



Remove the pith of the skin of an orange

Add the skin to 1 gallon of water with 180 gms. of ginger (well bruised)

1 1/2 kg. sugar and 675 gms. halved raisins.

Boil gently for 1/2 hour, strain and add orange juice.

Put in a cask, add 8 gms. icing grass and 1 tbsp. yeast on a piece of toast.


Allow to ferment, then strain into a fresh cask.


Keep for 1 month, strain and then bottle.

Rice Wine



1 ½  kg. sugar

½  kg. raw rice

1 sour lime juice

1 tsp yeast

1 gallon water



Heat water to just less than boiling point.

Mix sugar, raw rice, sultanas in water and the sour lime juice.

Add the yeast.


Keep in an open jar with plastic covering for 7 days, stirring every day.

Squeeze contents, strain, bottle.


Keep in bottles for another 7 days.

Add Rose Red colour for colouring and burnt sugar.

Strain and use after 7 days.



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