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I, me, myself v/s the future

Posted by Neil Misquitta on February 12, 2011 at 2:31 PM

Look at us. Look at our achievements. When we look back fifty years from now, as a community, what can we measure ourselves by?

The amount of wealth we have amassed for ourselves, the number of family members in Canada/Australia/USA/Dubai, the amount of gold in our lockers, the square feet of property we own, the Bose system and Sony TV that sits on or shelves?


The hospitals that we have built for the community, the clubs/centres set up to help our youth, the number of us in influential positions across Government, Corporates and Social Institions, the legacy of giving and helping our future generations as much as those all around us?

My friends, in my opinion, the reason why we are struggling with our own identities and our future, while most others go from strength to strength, is very simple – ME and MINE or How much I can gather for myself v/s How much can I leave behind for others?

What we are concerned about is the former. This leads us to only be short term focused. Forget friends, even family members are sacrificed at the altar of money, property and other things commercial.

This is why we are living in our cocoons. The catholic spirit, the joy of giving and sharing with others is withering away.

Look outwards. Look at where other communities have reached. Can you see anything different?

What is happening all over is that people are looking at the future and making things better for future generations. In doing so, a movement is gradually built up that causes everyone to rely, help and care for one another.

You automatically set higher goals for yourself and go all out to get them.

Along the way, all the things that you felt were your final goals, the property, gold, money, will seem less important. As the line from a famous film goes, “Run after excellence and success will run after you.”

We as a community must open our hearts and minds to the fact that if we keep aiming for the tree-tops, we keep falling on the ground. Aim for the stars, even if you fail, you will land on the tree-tops.

Keep an eye on the future and the present will take care of itself.

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Reply Desmond Patel
7:53 AM on September 17, 2011 
I think we should research and try to find what we (as a community) have achieved. As a surprise, we may find something.

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