The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.


The Bombay East Indian Association was established on 26th May 1887 to advance the education, employment, duties, rights and economic backwardness of the East Indians.
Dr. P. F Gomes was the first President in 1887. He was knighted by Pope Leo XIII in 19888. Mr. J. L. Britto was the first Secretary. The other great East Indian founding fathers were Mr. D. I. D'Monte, Mr. John Bocarro, Mr. Dominic F. Almeida, Mr. S. J. Abreo, Mr. P. A. Chaves, Mr. L. M. Valladares, Mr. Gabriel D' Aguair, Mr. John D'Mello and Dr. D. Cardoz.

Rev. D. G. Almeida donated Rs. 1,00,000 towards an Education Fund.

BEIA Archives

Membership Form

The Bombay East Indian Association
Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra, Mumbai - 400 050.

The Hon. Gen. Secretary                                           Date: _______

Dear Sir,
    I Apply for Donor / Patron / Life Membership of The Bombay East Indian Association.
    I declare that I am an East Indian by birth. I have completed18 year of age.

    Details of myself:
  1. Full Name:_______________________________________
  2. Date of Birth:______________________________________
  3. Address- Resident:__________________________________
  4. Telephone No.:______________________________ E-Mail:____________________
  5. Educational Qualifications:___________________________
  6. Occupation:_______________________________________
  7. Details of Family : 
    1. Name of the Father:__________________________
    2. Place of Origin:______________________________
    3. Present Address:_____________________________
    4. Membership:________________________________
Membership:    Patron Rs. 2000/-;      Donor Rs. 500/-;      Life Rs. 50/-
Paid by: Cash/Cheque No:______________Dated:_______________

                                                             Yours Sincerely:__________
                                                             Applicant's Signature

Proposed by: (1) Name:__________________________
                      Membership Number:_______________
Seconded by: (2)Name:__________________________
                      Membership Number:_______________
Admitted vide Resolution of Managing Committee on ________________________
Address & Telephone No.:________________
Verified By:____________________

                                                                        Hon. Gen. Secretary

BEIA form

The Bombay East Indian Membership forms are available at their office in Bandra.
for those who want a softcopy of this form. . .
Kindly Download this file.


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