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My Journey Through Wonderlands :  Brenda Rodrigues

In recounting her 'journey', through what she calls 'Wonderlands', Brenda presents not just vivid descriptions of her travels, but also very personal glimpses of her values, the person she is and what shaped her destiny. In fact, 'My Journey Through Wonderlands' like mystic Sufi tales, contains multiple layers of messages for those who would seek beyond the obvious.
About the Author
Brenda Rodrigues was known as the Connife Francis of Bombay, and has collected best actress awards, besides writing and directing plays, taking part in social relief activities and has written articles in the Press. Brenda is married to Joe, a corporate trainer and author. They live in Mumbai and Goa.... when not globe-trotting.

Lugra Sale

Mrs. Palmira Dalmet
Velankani Textile
St. Francis Nagar, Pali Road Karaipadda, Uttan.
+91 9930 74 54 61

Reference given by : Samuel Pereira

Audio CD :

Rajesh Gonsalves has 4 Audio CDs : Mai, Feista Vasai, Javlaru and Christmas Album Gloria. Some of these songs are on the online EI_Radio. For purchase of these CD's please message on his profile.

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Nevries -                                   Rs.90/- per doz.
Coconut Nevris                           Rs. 80/-per doz
Nankaties -                               Rs.450/- per kg.
Marzipan -                                Rs.650/- per kg.
Milk Cream -                             Rs.600/- per kg.
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Pork Vindalo                              Rs. 350/- per kg

Pork  Sarpotel                            Rs. 400/- per kg.
Beef Stakes                                Rs. 320/- per kg
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Rich Fruit cake (Black)   - Rs. 650/-  per kg.
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Neuries -                            Rs.100/- per doz.
Nankaties -                         Rs.600/- per kg.
Thalie Sweet -                     Rs.150/- per Thalie
Vindalo           - Rs. 400/- per kg
Sarpotel           - Rs. 400/- per kg.

Tongue Roast   - Rs. 500/- per kg.



Author: Teddie Rodrigues

Trace, traces back into history, into the origins of the East Indian People, their Villages, their Culture and a lot of other facets which have been forgotten over time. The Author has spared no efforts in getting to the very roots of various issues that have plagued the East Indian populance.

To Purchase Kindly contact:
Any of the local East Indian Communities.


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