The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.


East Indian Dishes are mainly served with either boiled rice or with aps (bhakri). Rice is at times presented in a variety of preparations called pullaos or arros. For feastive occasions this is substitued by fugyas, wadds, polias, chatiaps and sannas.


In curries, Bombay Duck or Bobil is a great favourite.

Khudi, Moile, Sambarin, Fritath, Temprath, Gizad, Tambrinath, Sak-Sak, Tirfuri, Kald, Baffath, Indal, Salpatel, and others have their own distinctive tastes.

Few of the recipes are as below:



Duck Moile



Mutton Khuddi, Mutton Stew, Lonvas (Mutton & Pumpkin)


Beef Stew, Tongue Moile



Stuffed Chicken, Chicken Curry, Chicken Khuddi


Pork :

Sarpatel, Indal (Vindaloo), Sausages, Tamrial

Dry FIsh:

Bombil (Bombay Duck) Chutney, Zavla Vanga, Bombil Atwan

Fresh Fish:

Fish Moile, Fish Kujit, Prawns Atwan, Chinchowni, Lonvas

Fry Fish:

Stuffed Pomfret, Bombil (Bombay Duck) Fry



Arroz Fugath (Weddng Rice)



Kanji Curry


Wedding Pickle (Carrot & Papaya), Mango Chutney, Dry Fish Pickle



Potato Chops, Pan Rolls, Patties, Cutlets, Tongue Roast





Aapas (Hand Breads), Fugias, Orias, Chittaps



Regular Sweets : Atola, Sanna,Umber, Banana Fritters, Chatch (Sweet potatoes), Pithiche Laroo

Christmas Sweets: Christmas Cake, Navries, Marzipan, Kulkul, Rekeajao, Thali Sweet, Boros, Rose de Coque, Date Roll, Doghtnut, Snowballs, Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Milk Cream, Jujups.

Lent & Easter Sweets: Pancakes, Easter Eggs

Cakes: Cucumber Cake, Fruit Cake




 Wine and Liquor have always played an important role in the diet of the East Indians. Socially, liquor plays an important role in the sad or joyous celebrations, and no function is considered complete without it being served.



Toddy is a mild sweet liquor obtained by tapping the (Tadh) palm tree, Caryota urens, Arrack from Cocos nucufera was drunk at mid morning to fortify the strength of the farm and plantation workers against fatigue.


Country Liquor:

Liquor is distilled with skill and in different strengths, the most popular one being Khimad a spiced and sweetened liquor the base being coconut liquor. Liquor is normally heated in earthen ware jars with narrow necks and served hot in small earthen cups known as cheuvnies.



Currant wine, beetroot wine, ginger wine, rice wine



Food Establishments

Deepaks compilation of various food joints in Bombay. Sad part no East Indians Food here.
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Recipies (Non East Indian)

Now for those who want some recipies, other than East Indian. Click Here. Please note this needs Acrobat Reader.

Recipe for Rechad Masala

Red chillies (kashmiri) -  200 gms
garlic                          -  1 full
ginger                         -   100 gms
gloves                         -   10
pepper                        -   10
cinnamon                    -    5 sticks
jeera                            -   1/2  teaspoon
onion                           -   1 full
sugar                            -  1 table spoon
salt                               -   1 tea spoon
tarmind                         -  as required

Grind all the ingredient together with vinegar only till it is fine.


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