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1 Kg Pork cut into big pieces, apply salt and fry till brown

1/4kg liver cut into big pieces, apply salt and fry till brown

1 tbsp. dry blood (optional).

2 pods garlic – cut lengthwise

2 inch ginger – cut lengthwise

5 green chillies – cut lengthwise



Cut the cooked pork and liver into fine pieces.

Keep aside. In a vessel put 2 tbsp. oil and fry the cut masala, then add 2 dsps bottle masala, fry well and then add the meat. 

Add vinegar to taste for cooking, and

simmer on a slow fire till cooked.

Indal (Vindaloo)

Indal (VIndaloo)


2 Kgs pork with 1/2inch layer of fat.

25-30 Kashmir chillies

4 large pods garlic

3 tbsp full cumin seeds

1 1/2in turmeric

1 inch fresh ginger optional



Cut the meat into chunks, apply salt and keep aside overnight. 

Next morning wash and dry with a towel. 

Meanwhile grind the above ingredients with good vinegar to  a fine paste. 

Apply the masala paste to the pork and let it marinade in an earthen dish, or glass bowl for 8 hours or overnight. 

Next day put all the pork in a vessel, add 1/2bottle vinegar and

cook on slow fire till tender.




1 Kg. Pork with ½ inch layer of fat

Vindaloo Masala



Clean, wash and wipe pork with towel. Take off the skin and bones, cut into fine pieces. Let it marinate in vindaloo Masala for 24 hrs. Fill dried guts with marinated pork, knotting with twine every 3 inches to form links. Let the sausages dry in the sun (if not possible freeze).

When required cook in little water, pricking the sausages a little with a fork, in order not to burst while cooking; when tender, serve.




1 Kg port cut into suitable pieces


To be ground in vinegar:

4 red chillies

1 inch piece turmeric

3 inch cinnamon

1 tsp jeera

10 flakes garlic

4 cardamons

6 cloves


To be cut lengthwise:

8 onions

5 green chillies

1 piece ginger

10 flakes garlic



Take the fresh cut masala and the ground masala,

mix it together in a vessel, add pork, some vinegar, water and let it cook till soft. 

and then add the meat. 

Add vinegar to taste for cooking, and s

immer on a slow fire till cooked.


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