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The below mentioned remedies are from interaction and information from various East Indians and can be of interest to many. This site does not claim that the remedies mentioned are medically approved, hence advises that people using these remedies, to do so at their own risk.

Ragat Bawli

If one gets a hit, and there is a blood cloth (darkening of the skin)

Ragat Choira (Ragat Bawli) :

take the ragat bawli, use a little water to moist a rough surface (preferably a stone) and rub the ragat bawli to get the red liquid. With more water one can get the red liquid more easily, but this will not be thick enough to stay on the skin, hence only little water is used.

The thick red water is then applied to the area where there is a blood cloth.

Halad Phatki

Ambhi Halad and Phatki (nicknamed “Halad Phatki)

This is one of the most common household remedy for serious Sprains and abrasions.

Scrape the Halad Phatki on a rough surface, with very little water, to get the paste. Apply on the affected area. Lesser the water, thicker will be the paste, and hence more easy to apply. Later days, this combination was replaced by “Dhuk Dabao Lep” which had similar ingredients.


Phatki (alum) is also used in order to “purify” water. Stir the alum in water few times, and all the dust/dirt in the water will settle down.

Owa (Ajwain)

Stomach ache

Owa (Ajwain) has to be chewed and put around the navel. This remedy was mainly for small children.


Convusions (Body stiffening and shivering)

roll Owa (Ajwain) inside paper and burn tip (like a cigarette), then blow on the paper to make the smoke go on the person’s scalp.


Cold :

Roast Owa (Ajwain) put it in a cloth and inhale.

Amla, Bedda & Harda

Amla, Bedda & Harda

Grind each of these to powder and take these at the ratio of Amla-1, Bedda-2 and Harda-2. This combination works wonders for the bowels and keeps the stomach clean. This is normally taken at night after dinner. The similar ingredients are available premixed, called "triphal".


Haldi Powder

For cuts and bruises. Note here haldi powder is used even for deep cuts. Application of this gives a very high burning sensation, that very few can bear.


Fresh Haldi

Good for cough.

Caster Leaf

Caster Leaf :

Small infants (new born babies) who were constipated ( not passing motion ) and could not be given purgative,  the leaf of yenda (yerand) (caster oil is extracted from the fruit of this plant) used to be put on the stomach of the infants. The leaf used to be lacerated (traditionally one used a “Bowara” dried coconut leaf boormstik) to get the juice of the leaf to come out, and warmed up. The center of the leaf used to be aligned with the belly button.

Choira Plant

choira plant (lighting plant : whooping chough)

Sticks have to be separated from each node and heated up on tava (roasted), then squeeze out its juice. Mix this with honey and drink.


This plant used to be spread over the roof, to protect the house against lightning.


 “Nakdhona” leaf is used for sprains. Cut a part of the leaf  broad enough to cover the sprained area. Lacerate it and warm it, and tie it around the affected part.


The sap of most plants will stop bleeding. The best of them is the sap of aloe.

Aloe plant can be used as a coolant, and is found useful as a "tenderizer" as well, for thick skin. As well as a very good revitalizer of the skin.


Bhimbhoka :

For ring worm
Open up this fruit and the yellow part of this should be rubbed around the part infected by the ring worm

For fun the leaf of the Bhimbhoka tree used to be rolled, flattened at one end to be used as a “piperi” (type of reed flute), for fun by small children.



“Morbid” or heat boils can be cured with sandwool. “partav” (rub) the sandwood on stone to get the paste. And apply the paste on the affect part.

Jethi mat

Jethi mat

Useful when a person has cough.

Rojeri (Marigold)

Rojeri (Marigold)

Rojeri was used to soothe the itchiness of a person having itchy boils from chicken pox, measles ..


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