The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.

Be with us Mary along the Way

No man can live as island;

Journey through life alone;

Since we’re most loved by a mother

Jesus gave us his own


Ref:      Be with us Mary along the Way

            Guide every step we take

            Lead us to Jesus your loving son;

            Come with us Mary, come


When Jesus met with rejection, Mary stood by the Cross;

How can a mother desert her Son ? She’ll also stand by us


Help us, O star of the Ocean, be with us in our strife,

When we are faced with temptation, tossed by the storms of life.

Daily Daily Sing to Mary

Daily Daily Sing to Mary

Sing my soul her praises due

All her Feasts, her action worship

With the heart’s devotion true

Lost in wondering contemplation

Be her majesty confessed

Call her Mother, call her Virgin

Happy Mother, Virgin blest.


She is mighty to deliver

Call her, trust her lovingly

When the tempest rages round thee

She will clam the troubled sea

Gifts of heaven she has given

Noble lady to our race

She, the Queen who decks her subjects

With the light of God’s own grace

Hail Queen of Heaven

Hail Queen of Heaven, the ocean star

Guide of the wanderers here below

Thrown on life’s surge, we claim thy care

Save us from peril and from woe,

Mother of Christ, Star of the Sea

Pray for the Wanderers, Pray for me…2


O Gentle, Chaste and Spotless Maid

We sinners make our prayers through thee

Remind thy Son that he has paid

The price of our iniquity

Virgin most pure, star of the sea

Pray for the sinner, pray for me.

Holy Virgin

Holy Virgin, by God’s decree, you were called eternally,

That He could give his son to our race,

Mary, we praise you, hail, full of grace !


Ch:       Ave, Ave, Ave Maria ! (2)


By your Faith and loving accord as the handmaid of the Lord,

You undertook God’s plan to embrace,

Mary, we thank you, hail , full of grace !

Let us Mingle together

Ch:       Let us Mingle together

            Voices joyful and gay

            Singing Hymns to our Mother

            T’is her own month of May


Bring the choicest of flowers

Search the woodland and grove

Wreath a crown for our Lady

As a pledge of our Love


What are fast fading roses

All the lilies that grow

Nothing worth of Mary

Has this world to bestow


Mary ask for her treasure,

One that each can impart,

Hear and grant her petition,

“Sinners, give me thy heart.”

Maiden Mother

Maiden Mother, meek and mild

Take, Oh take me for thy child.

All my life, Oh, let it be

My best joy to think of thee


Ch:       When my eyes are closed in sleep

            Through the night my slumbers keep

            Make my latest thoughts to be

            How to love thy Son and Thee.


Teach me when the sunbeam bright

Calls me with its golden light

How my waking thoughts may be

Turned to Jesus and to Thee

Mother Dear

Mother Dear, Oh Pray for me

Whilst far from heaven and thee,

I wander in a fragile bark

O’er life’s tempestuous sea.

O Virgin Mother, from thy throne,

So Bright in Bliss above,

Protect thy child and Cheer my path

With thy sweet smile of love


Ch:       Mother Dear, Oh Pray for me

            And never cease thy care,

            Till in heaven eternally,

            Thy love and Bliss I share.

Mother Dearest

Mother Dearest, Mother fairest

Help of all who call on thee

Virgin Pure, Brightest, rarest,

Help us, help, we cry to thee


Ch:       Mary help us, Help we pray (2)

            Help us in, all care and sorrow

Mary help us, Help we pray


Mary, Help in pain and Sorrow

Soothe those rack’d on bed of pain

May the golden light of morrow

Bring them health and joy again


Help our priest, our sisters lowly,

Help our Pope, long may he reign,

Pray that we who sing their praises

May in Heaven all meet again.


Mary help the absent loved ones

How we miss their presence here

May the hand of thy protection

Guard & Guide them far and near.

Mother of God

Ch:       Mother of God, plead with your Son,

Pray for us sinners, Mary most pure.


May God pour cleansing streams over us,

Washing our souls form every stain.


May he remove our stony hearts,

Give us a heart of flesh in its stead.


May he incline our minds to his voice,

That we may bend our hearts to his will.


May he renew the strength of the weak

And be the hope of wavering wills.


That he may wipe away every tear

And makes his light to shine on our face

O Come to the throne of Grace

O Come to the throne of Grace,

O Come to the heart most pure

To Mary, our hope of life,

In whom salvation is sure


Ch:       O Lady of Fatima hail

            Immaculate Mother of Grace

            O pray for us help us today

            Thou hope of the human race.


Immaculate Heart, we kneel

To consecrate all to thee

The present, its pain and joy

The future all it may be


The rosary white and gold

We take from the virgin hand

A pledge of the power of God

To heal & strengthen our Land.

The Bells of the Angelus

The Bells of the Angelus, Calleth to pray

In sweet tones announcing

The sacred Ave,


Ch: Ave, Ave, Ave Maria (2)


O Bless us dear Lady

With Blessing from heaven,

And to our petitions,

Let answers be given


In grief and temptation

In joy and in pain,

We’ll seek thee, our Mother

Nor Seek thee in Vain

Thee Virgin Mother Dearest

Ch:       The Virgin Mother Dearest

            We greet with gladsome lay

            And haste with flowers fairest

            To crown thee Queen of May


The Lilly of the Valley

So sweet and snowy fair

Her smiles the fitting emblem

Of thy conception rare


The humble violet

Which lurks in secret dwell

Is on thine altar set

Thy loneliness to tell



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