The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.

MGP 10 Point Agenda

MGP's 10-Point Agenda for the East Indian Community

1.Closure of Uttan Dumping ground
As assured by you the dumping ground was to be closed within 1 year and we have completed 3 years already. Need your update on communications. We demand that the dumping ground is closed by 12th March, the day it was re-opened and teh agitation called off as per your request. 
Deadline - 12th march 2013 New Deadline – December 31st 2013

2.Housing schemes for East Indians on vacant church properties
In the past church properties were developed and housing societies formed to accomodate catholics predominantly migrants. Today, we see most of these properties being sold or left ideal for encroachers. We want immediate action on converting these for housing needs of the East Indian community.  
Deadline - 28th february 2013 New Deadline – December 31st 2013

3.Ten percent proceeds on hired premises for East Indian Community fund
Almost all parishes hire their premises for various occasions on lands donated by our community. We look forward to 10% being allocated towards East indian community welfare fund to be managed by east Indians for betterment and empowerment of the community.
Deadline - 31st march 2013 New Deadline – December 31st 2013

4.East Indians to be appointed on the finance and property committees
All old parishes had a majority of East Indians however they are not considered for finance and property committees. We demand that an east indian should be chosen for this committees.
Deadline - 31st march 2013 New Deadline – September 30th 2013

5.East Indian Associations should be given premises
Oflate many east indian associations are not being given premises and many a times only after having paid hire charges for activities and meetings as per decision of parish council or priests. We demand that all east indian associations and groups should be allowed to use the church and school premises for their activities and meetings without any payment of charges.
Deadline – 15th February New Deadline – August 31st 2013

6.Development projects, Monopoly for hired halls, quadrangles and grounds only to East Indian businesses
The businesses owned by the east indians should be given priority for projects and monopoly of premises. It has been observed that in some parishes the east indian businesses are ignored which cannot be tolerated.
Deadline – 15th February New Deadline – December 31st 2013

7.The Word "East Indian Catholic" to be written for OBC
The families that apply for an OBC certificate need to go through a long process and there are blockades due to the church baptism certificate. There is a compulsion to go to the archbishops house which is time consuming. We need an immediate communication to parish priests directing then to write the words "east indian catholic" in the remarks column basis the recommendation of local east indian association or professional.
Deadline – 15th February New Deadline – August 31st 2013

8.Space to be provided for East Indian businesses in parish property
It is usually seen that other religions support their community businesses by providing them space to carry on their functions. We suggest similar support to east indian businesses at low rates
Deadline – 15th February New Deadline – December 31st 2013

9.Properties donated by East Indians should not be sold, if parish cannot develop or use for the betterment of the community they must be returned back to the original owners. 
We have been informed on parish property donated by east indians being sold commercially. These properties were solely donated for the betterment of community and not to be put on sale. Henceforth, no sale to be allowed and original owners to be returned their property.
Deadline – 15th February New Deadline – September 30th 2013

10.Halls and grounds provided to be given at discounted rates for East Indians.
There is not much space in gaothans due to increasing families. The east indians have been forced to celebrate their home receptions to church owned premises. The rates for the same are huge and should be lessened to make it affordable to the original inhabitants.
Deadline – 15th February New Deadline – September 30th 2013

Date of issue – 31st July 2013

MGP's Additonal Point for the East Indian Community

Mobai Gaothan Panchayat(MGP) has made recent announcements basis which the additional points are listed below:-

1)Church announcements of East Indian Groups
It has been observed that in some parishes announcements of East Indian groups are not being made. This is under the pretext of parish council decisions. Surprisingly announcements of Holyland tours(business based) and parish picnics are made. Keeping this in mind all East Indian Group announcements should be made and all Parish Priests to be informed.

Deadline – August 31st 2013

2)Land for the East Indian Bhavan
MGP is trying its best for East Indian Bhavan land and looks forward to allotment from the archdiocese as a majority of lands were donated by East Indians. The land should be located in Bombay.

Deadline – December 31st 2013

3)Monthly open meets with the community like done in Goa
MGP has been informed that Goa diocese has a monthly meet with the local community, the Goans. On the similar lines we request for a monthly meet with the local aboriginals, the East Indian community.

Deadline – August 31st 2013

4)St.Gonsalo Garcia Day to be made official and a Church in Bombay to be dedicated to the saint
In February this year, MGP made a press release on observing February 5th as St.Gonsalo Garcia Day and this news was featured in Times of India and Midday. We request you to make this official from the Archdiocese. MGP has observed that no Church in Bombay is dedicated to this Saint of East Indian origin. We request that a new or existing church be named after St.Gonsalo Garcia.

Deadline – November 30th 2013

5)Halls/Grounds to be dedicated to Cardinal Simon in each parish with East Indian majority
In July this year the East Indian Community lost its first and only cardinal. We request that halls and grounds in each East Indian domainted parish be named after the Cardinal.

Deadline – November 30th 2013

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