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OBC Efforts Update (22 OCT 2011)

The MEICF met Mr. Khan ( Minister for Minority Development), and impressed upon him the issues East Indians faced in order to get the OBC certificate.

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Nov 2009 Update in procedure to get OBC certificate

It is a well established fact that many of us do not have ANY certificate to show that we are East Indians. That holds true for even our birth certificates. However, recent developments have made this possible



Guidelines for Members who do not have East Indian mentioned on their Baptism Certificate and who wish to have “Caste -East Indian Catholic” endorsed in the remarks column of their Baptism certificate.

1)   Address an application as per format attached to the Chancellor, Archdiocese of Bombay.

 2)   Attach Samajacha Dakhla issued by the BEIA

 3)   Attach a xerox copy of your Baptism Certificate.

 Submit the application and the two attachments to the Chancellor.

 Maintain a follow-up with the Parish Priest of the Church where you were baptised to obtain a fresh Birth Certificate with “Caste-East Indian Catholic” endorsed.  Follow-up should be done after reasonable time has elapsed since the submission of your application to the Chancellor. 


 Format of the letter to be sent to the Chancellor


                                                  (Applicants Name)______________________

                                                   (Applicants Address)____________________


                                                   (Applicants Contact No.)__________________




Archdiocese of Bombay,

Archbishops House,

41, N. Parekh Marg,

Mumbai 400 001.


 Dear Rev. Father,

                             Sub:- Endorsement of “Caste-East Indian Catholic”

                                       on my Baptism Certificate


I am an East Indian and request that “Caste-East Indian Catholic” be entered in the Remarks column of my Baptism Certificate.


In support of my contention, attached is Certificate No.__________________

Dated ______________ issued by the Bombay East Indian Association, certifying that I am an “East Indian Catholic”.


Please advise the Parish Priest of St.___________________Church (where I was baptised)(Address)_____________________________________________

to make the relevant entry in my Baptism Certificate (copy enclosed).


Thanking you,

 Yours faithfully,



 Vague rules cost student a year

A times of India article on the difficulties to be the OBC certificate


it should be remembered that there are other ways of getting the OBC certificate as it is to the discretion of the Tehsildar, if he is not satisfied with the documents, he can visit the address of the applicant and verify his caste from his neighbours. This of course the Tehsildar chooses not to do.  we have to impress upon him this key point. The Court of Law accepts an affidavit of an individual, why can't the Tehsildar...

OBC Cert. Issued

First East Indian to receive the OBC Certificate : Mr. Anselm Pereira.

In reply to his RTI, Adv. Godfrey Pimenta was informed that: of the 7 OBC Applications received by the Colector's office, 5 applicants have ben given the OBC certificate, and the other 2 application are in process.

Adv. Godfrey Pimenta and Adv. Vivian D'souza have compiled a booklet with regards procedures and benefits of the OBC. This booklet is available at the Bombay East Indian Association, Bandra.



341    East Indian, East Indian Christian, East Indian Catholic

East Indians get OBC status

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Endeavour of OBC

(As per the personal request of Mr. Oniel Kinny on 21st Oct 2007. His info has been herewith  removed/delinked.)


There were a demands that a committee of like minded East Indians should be setup for this cause.



                                                 (For the cause of O.B.C. status for the East Indians)



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