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Trasnfer of Parish Priest

In this year of 2008, the Parish Priest Rumao is getting transferred to Vile Parle. The currently details of activities will be compiled, stored and archived for future reference. We hope that the parishioners of Vile Parle are vigilant and no such activity, adverse to the smooth functioning of the parish, takes place.

Letter from a Concerned Parishioner

Dear Parishioners,

This is with due respect to the activities of Rev. Fr. John Rumao, our Parish Priest. The letter from the Cardinal was read at the 9.15 am mass today (Sun, 21 Oct 2007) for the parishioners who "supposedly" manhandled Fr Rumao to apologize to him. The pulpit was used as a platform to make the parishioners aware of what happened only yesterday (one side of the story). But this letter is an attempt to make you parishioners aware of what prompted this action. This was a culmination of provocations over a period of time.

We are not judging whether the activities carried out under the garb of a priest, are right or wrong. Who are we to judge? We are merely observers. What right have we, to be even called Stakeholders, even though by sheer birth in this parish, we are?! So what if our forefathers maintained the pillars of this now Heritage Church? So what if the families who have their roots here donated the wooden pews and other essentials with their hard earned money when the church was in need that we today take for granted? Do we parishioners today appreciate the sentimental values attached to each and every stick and stone of the Church land and do we appreciate the few parishioners who continually stand up and protect it so that we can pray peacefully in our House of God? No way. On the contrary, we are ever ready to show our righteous side. My gosh, we have really turned into a bunch of hypocrites, have we?!

And then, there are some who happily take advantage of the situation – 'divide and rule'. That is how we lost India to the British. Do we want history to repeat itself here in our parish?
With due respect to the priests, they are shepherds of the flock. They should contain themselves to just that. The priests come here for a few years, finish their term of 2 – 6 years and leave to serve another parish. Therefore, it is best that all the nitty-gritty of Church assets should be left rightfully to the parishioners. After all, the Church and its assets belong to us parishioners
and that automatically gives us the right to transparency.

Today, there is politics everywhere: in our offices and sadly, even in some of our homes. So why should it not effect the priests? Are they not human? Of course they are. So, it is only natural for them to get swayed.

Never judge a
book by the cover
…and more so when it is white.

By the way, is the
Locusts and Honey a Parish Priest Voice letter // or //
St John the Baptist Parish Newsletter

Looking at the contents of the past two months and specially the last two week's issues, anyone could have been fooled.
In last week's newsletter on the Senior College issue, some names have been conveniently used to debate and incite.
While the Degree College is a very good thing, the conflict is '
where' and is connected with a bigger issue of "Church Lands"belonging to St. John the Baptist Church, which are being sold left right and centre running into crores of
The issue of the College, however relevant, is being used to divert the attention of the parishioners from
more important issues affecting St John the Baptist Church, namely, "Where has the money from the
Church Land Deals gone? What was the need for the lands to be sold in the first place? Why are
unwanted renovations taking place in the Heritage Church?"
Yes, my dear parishioners, this is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed by "You" and "Me" that is "US

It is very sad, but true, that we have a Politician as a Parish Priest, who is at this moment undoubtedly enjoying the
unrest created amongst the parishioners.

Remember – we do not want to repeat the history of "Divide and Rule"

We have not reached today without any yesterdays. But we have not paid proper attention to those voices in the past
who have been trying to educate us about the goings on in our Parish. What about the parishioners who with no
personal gains, have evacuated encroachers from Church properties and are lawfully fighting cases for clear titles of
those lands?. Surely, most of us, maybe 99.9% of us parishioners may not know and today find it very easy to point
fingers at those same individuals.

let us all understand the common cause and come together in one accord, with one voice and pray
that justice is delivered to us parishioners righteously
. That is all we are asking for.

We do respect the priests, but at the same time, they should command it, not demand it.
A Concerned Parishioner
St. John the Baptist Church,


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